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By Aperture Wolves

Commando is a classic game from the shoot’em up genre. Released in 1985 by Capcom.

In the game, you controll SuperJoe a soldier against a whole army.

The objective is to kill as many enemies as possible and get through all the areas without dying.

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Aperture Wolves, have created a verison of the original Commando. Here is a video demo of our game.

Aperture Wolves:

Clara Ratera, Pol Ferrando, Marc Garcia, Roger Sanchez.

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Clara Ratera:QA

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Marc Garcia:Coder

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Pol Ferrando:Management

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Roger Sanchez:Art

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Game controls keyboard:

• Press "1" or "2" to select the number of players.

• Player 1 is blue, and controlled with arrow keys (LEFT, UP, DOWN and RIGHT).

• To shoot press "O" key and throw grenades with "P".

• Player 2 is red, and controlled with "AWSD" keys.

• Player 2 shoots with "SPACE" and throws grenades with "B"

• To skip a scene, press "C".

• Press F1 for Colliders and F2 for god mode.

Game controls controller:

• To move, use direction buttons.

• For Play Station Controllers, press "X" button to shoot.

• For XBox Controllers, press "A" button to shoot.

• Press L2 to throw grenades.

• "Start" or "Options" button to start.